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Andrea Pawarski




          Andrea Pawarski was born in Buffalo, New York where her fondest memories come from being immersed in the outdoors. Her artistic exploration began as she became mindful of her environment and all of nature’s grand and subtle treasures. Sketching became a primary outlet for the inspiration she found within nature. However, it wasn’t until Andrea truly engaged her work in clay that she began to form a deep relationship with the natural world. Today, Andrea mainly works in clay and finds that the versatility of this medium helps her to fully express her fascination with the complex textures and forms that weather and erosion has created upon different landscapes. Her work is known for referencing specific geological landscapes and features with a narrative.

          Andrea balances being an educator as well as a working artist. She began her desire to teach while instructing art classes for children in her community as a young adult. She enjoys helping her students find their voice in art and has since developed her teaching experience through working with the Charter School of Inquiry. She received a BFA in both Art Education and Ceramics in 2014 from Syracuse University. She has also recently completed her master's degree in 2017 from  SUNY Buffalo State College. She was enrolled in the Multidisciplinary program with a concentration in ceramics.


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