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Artist Statement


              Our landscape is dynamic. It folds and collides. It collects and divides. It bubbles, grows and bulges are exposed. Our landscape is constantly transforming with new dramatic structures. Similar to it, my work is always in a state of flux. I have continuously been inspired by the diverse surfaces created in our environment. Each mark and formation constructed has a unique story to tell and I am curious to investigate how such impressive geological structures have developed over time.

              While studying various geological compositions, I develop my own mark making and earthy forms in clay to speak towards a personal narrative. My narrative takes interest in how human relationships evolve, persist, and deteriorate over time. During these critical junctures, relationships tend to shift our disposition. Relationships can radically change our emotions and our perceptions in life, similar to how our landscape can be drastically transformed by various elements. I find it fascinating to record these pivotal points in human relationships and relate them to the unique language of clay and geology.

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